What is FirstNet?

The First-Ever High-Speed Nationwide Wireless Broadband Network Dedicated to First Responders

Founding and Mission

The FirstNet network grew out of and addresses a 9/11 Commission recommendation calling for interoperable communications for all U.S. first responders. FirstNet is an independent government authority established in 2012 by Congress.

FirstNet’s public safety mission is to build and deploy the first-ever high-speed nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to first responders.

The FirstNet and AT&T Public-Private Partnership

FirstNet and AT&T announced their public-private partnership on March 30, 2017, and are bringing their resources and expertise together for the benefit of public safety.

FirstNet brings its relationships with states, territories, tribes, federal agencies, and public safety and deep public safety expertise to this partnership, as well as 20 MHz of spectrum (Band 14) and $6.5 billion in initial funding for the network.

AT&T is making a significant investment in public safety: $40 billion over the 25-year life of the contract.

Instead of conducting a “greenfield” build of the Network, this public-private partnership will utilize AT&T’s national footprint and commercial resources – including a $180 billion infrastructure. This will help deliver specialized features, in an efficient manner to public safety.

Why AT&T and FirstNet?

With the FirstNet network, first responders will have access to fast, highly secure and reliable communications whenever they need them. This will help first responders stay safe while they help others during both day-to-day operations and disaster response and recovery, and when managing large events.

Through this new public-private partnership with FirstNet, AT&T will deliver a dedicated, interoperable network and ecosystem that will give first responders the technology they need to better communicate and collaborate across agencies and jurisdictions – local, tribal, state and national.

One of the key benefits of the FirstNet Service will be the availability of quality of service and priority for data services a er a governor opts in. These features will be made available over the entire AT&T network (AT&T LTE bands) at no additional charge to primary users of AT&T’s FirstNet services.

Preemption (for opt-in states) is anticipated on all AT&T LTE bands by the end of 2017. The feature will provide primary users with access to the Network when the need arises without competition from commercial customers. Preemption will be available on Band 14 when that spectrum is deployed.

This network will provide public safety, for the first time, with a dedicated help desk specifically for them – 24/7, 365, just like their mission.

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