Life-Saving Preparation: How AT&T Plans for Hurricane Season in South Carolina

Hurrican prep

Hurricane season is fast approaching. And the National Weather Service says an average of 3 hurricanes hit the U.S. coastline every 2 years. The best way to stay safe? Be prepared.

We put that philosophy into practice multiple times a year with Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) exercises that put our team and assets to the test. Our first exercise was conducted in Houston, and we practiced restoring network service as if there was a real-life disaster. We deployed 6 technology recovery trailers, a satellite COLT (Cell on Light Truck), a mobile command center and an emergency communications vehicle.

We also displayed our new Helicopter Flying COW (Cell on Wings). It has a 7.5-foot diameter rotor and 2 cellular antennas. In the future, our NDR team hopes that the Helicopter Flying COW will go into areas where a traditional Cell on Wheels can’t go: like areas with hurricane damage or flooding.

In the event of a disaster, we need to know how to best mobilize our people and network technologies, as well as how to best collaborate with public safety. Among other things, these exercises help us learn and adapt our strategies for providing connectivity when disasters strike.

With our public-private partnership with FirstNet, we’re preparing to make even more network technologies available to first responders. It’s our mission to deliver the unique capabilities that public safety has been asking for. And we’ll do it on a network that will give them the coverage, experience and value they expect.

Click here to read more about our joint exercise with the Houston Fire Department.

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