Information about Hurricane Irma recovery and AT&T service

As our focus continues to be on those impacted by Hurricane Irma, I want to take a moment to thank the men and women of AT&T Georgia and our co-workers around the country who have worked so hard to prepare our networks to meet the challenges of natural disasters.

Our networks have performed well, and our response and recovery have been immediate.

I am pleased to share our wireless network returned to pre-storm service levels this past Friday. The quick restoration results are evident and a direct result of the hard work we have done in recent years to enhance and fortify our networks.

As power is restored in communities, we recognize that a limited number of wireline customers may be experiencing issues with their service caused by flooding and storm damage. Our technicians are working to restore service to affected areas as quickly and safely as conditions allow.

In the meantime, as power is restored to homes, U-verse customers can try these immediate steps to test their service:

U-Verse Gateway
Confirm the Power, Broadband, and Service lights on your gateway are green. If your lights are not green, power cycle your modem or gateway by unplugging the power cord on the unit from the wall outlet. Then, wait 2 minutes and plug the power cord it back in. Reboot your computer or device.

U-Verse Receiver
Restart your receiver by holding the POWER button down for 10 seconds and, then, by pressing it again to restart. This process takes 5 to 8 minutes to complete and will impact any DVR recording in progress.

While these steps will help some customers, others may remain without service as a result of continuing power outages that affect our equipment or as a result of our ongoing repair and restoration efforts.

AT&T is committed to serving our Georgia customers.

Should you experience any technical repair issue with your AT&T service, please contact the applicable department, using the corresponding number or email provided below:

  • Residential Wireline Repair for Phone and/or Internet: 877.737.2478 or
  • Business Wireline Repair for Phone and/or Internet: 866.620.6900 or
  • U-verse Customer Service: 800.288.2020
  • Wireless Customer Service: 611

Again, we appreciate your patience as our technicians continue working to restore service to affected areas as quickly and safely as conditions allow.


Bill Leahy
President — AT&T Georgia

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