Check out the 8 ed-tech startups selected for the 2017 AT&T Aspire Accelerator

Ed-tech startups are tackling the most pressing challenges in education, and we started the AT&T Aspire Accelerator to help the most promising of those startups grow. AT&T selected 8 innovative ed-tech startups for the 2017 AT&T Aspire Accelerator, to further its mission of supporting innovations that can help every student achieve a bright, successful future — exponentially and at scale. For- and non-profit organizations participating in the program receive a financial investment or a charitable contribution, access to expert services and mentorship.

The companies’ talented and dedicated founders come from all across the country, representing diverse backgrounds and leadership. Meet our game changers:

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Booknook (Oakland, California) — a cloud-based platform that reinvents small group learning through personalized curriculum and texts.

Bullet point (501(c)3 / Palo Alto, California) — a website where students can crowdsource career advice by asking questions that are answered by an online volunteer corps of working professionals.

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Earshot (Seattle, Washington) — an app that uses voice analysis and machine learning to provide teachers with personalized data about their instruction to help them improve it.

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Learn Fresh (501(c)3 / Denver, Colorado) — creators of NBA Math Hoops, a board game, mobile app and community program that builds fundamental math skills through engagement with NBA and WNBA player statistics.

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LiftEd (Berkeley, California) — an app that enables special education teachers to measure individualized student performance, analyze learning trends in real-time and share progress on demand with districts and parents.

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Listenwise (Brookline, Massachusetts) — a platform that curates engaging audio stories from public radio and wraps teaching supports around them, allowing teachers to assess students’ listening skills.

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LitLab (501(c)3 / Oakland, California) — creators of Lumen, an app that gathers mobile usage data and converts it into actionable intelligence for parents, providing focused reading support.

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Zulama (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) — a cloud-based platform that engages teenagers in programming and STEM subjects through game design.

Click here to learn more about the Aspire Accelerator, now in its third year, and this year’s class.

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