AT&T Launches Project AirGig Trial in Georgia to Bring Ultra-Fast Internet Over Power Lines Closer to Reality


Project AirGig is part of AT&T’s ongoing effort to accelerate internet connections to a gig or more for all communities through both wired and wireless solutions.

I am excited to share AT&T just launched our first national Project AirGig trial here in Georgia.

Project AirGig is a first-of-its-kind technology that could one day deliver internet speeds well over 1 gigabit per second via a millimeter wave (mmWave) signal that is guided by power lines.

AirGig technology represents over a decade of research by AT&T Labs and more than 300 patents and patent applications. It also represents a potential new era in connectivity where turbocharged data speeds can be available almost everywhere in the world.

There are 2 trials in the current phase of the project. AT&T launched the first trial this fall with an electricity provider outside the U.S. And, we just launched the second trial here in rural Georgia, working with Georgia Power. It is our hope that AirGig could one day be deployed in many areas not served by high speed internet today.


AT&T has a long history of connecting people with their world and is proud to be on the cutting edge of innovation, now with Project AirGig trials. Gov. Nathan Deal and the legislative leadership have worked hard to create an environment that welcomes private investment and innovation, and the significant decision to conduct our national AirGig trial in Georgia is evidence of that. We appreciate our collaboration with Georgia Power and look forward to yet another way to deliver gigabit internet connections to consumers.


It’s an exciting time to work in the communications technology industry, and I appreciate what you do every day to make our work in Georgia a success, for our customers and our state.


As we learn from these recently launched trials and continue to develop this technology, we’ll look at expanding more advanced technology trials in other locations.

To learn more about our Project AirGig trials, please watch here.


Bill Leahy
President — AT&T Georgia

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